Getting Better Sleep

Easy Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

The effects of a good night’s sleep are undeniable. Sleep is a critical component to staying healthy, both physically and mentally, and when you aren’t getting good sleep, the effects can show up in every aspect of your life. The good news is, though, that most people can improve the quality of their sleep by following just a few simple tips. 

Turn Electronics Off

We spend so much of our daily lives on screens, between our smartphones, laptops, and watching TV. Those same electronics, though, can make it difficult to get truly restful sleep. Make it a policy to stop using your electronics before bedtime to give yourself time to adjust into a restful mindset. If you need the TV in order to fall asleep, try putting it on a timer so it turns off soon after you fall asleep, or consider a white noise machine as a substitute instead.

Build a Restful Environment

It can be difficult to really relax in a messy or cluttered environment. Spend a little time decluttering your bedroom and setting it up to be a true retreat where you can relax. Introduce softer lighting with low-wattage lamps, and smells you love with a room spray or unlit scented candle (never fall asleep with a candle burning!). 

Get Fresh Air

Incorporating movement and fresh air in your day can be helpful when it comes to bedtime. Take a brisk walk around Muirwood Village’s ample green space in the evening to expend some day’s-end energy, or in the morning to invigorate yourself for the day ahead. 

Stick to a Schedule

Training your body and mind to get ready for sleep starts with a consistent sleep schedule. Decide what bedtime works best for you, and work backwards to establish a nighttime routine that’ll signal that it’s time to rest. Include your nighttime shower or skincare routine, turning off electronics, and anything else that might help, such as an evening cup of herbal or other caffeine-free tea. 

At Muirwood Village, noise from upstairs will never disrupt your sleep, as all of our apartment homes are single-story or townhomes with no upstairs neighbors. Conveniently located just a short drive to downtown Columbus in a beautiful residential neighborhood, Muirwood Village combines spacious, rustic design with modern features and amenities for a stylish and comfortable apartment home. We’d love to show you why you’ll love Muirwood Village – contact us at (614) 503-4076 to set up your visit and see all we have to offer.

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