How to Host a Breakfast Bar

Creating the Perfect Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars can create a unique and fun space for your home if you know how to use them to your advantage. When you live at Muirwood Village in Reynoldsburg, you will get to enjoy extended breakfast bars in your unit. But how do you put this space to work? Here are some tips for setting up a breakfast bar that is sure to impress your guests. 

Set the Scene

When you’re planning your breakfast bar, you want to keep in mind how much space you have both at the breakfast bar and in other places. You will want to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Separating your food and beverages can help prevent a traffic jam as guests try to maneuver through. 

  • If you’re thinking of using a theme, try to keep it to the tables where you will sit or other furniture pieces near the seating area. This will help you avoid spilling on your cute decor and draw people to their seats once they have their food. 

  • Make sure your table or tables have enough space for the plates and glasses you plan to use. You don’t want your guests to have to cram things in. 

Choose the Food

One of the best parts of any gathering is the food, and breakfast food is a popular choice. The question is how to pick food that will satisfy everyone and still leave you with plenty of room. Try these ideas for food that’s fresh and fun! 

  • Breakfast food can be hot or cold. Consider placing your hot things on the end of the counter that has easy outlet access. That way you can plug in a warmer or crockpot to keep things fresh and hot throughout the event. 

  • The best way to keep the food appealing for everyone is to make it build-your-own style. People enjoy personalizing their meals. You could do this easily with multiple breakfast foods: eggs and toppings, pancakes and toppings, toast and toppings, the list goes on.

  • You can also set out some sides that are mix and match, like a variety of fruits in a divided dish so guests can choose their one favorite or make a mixed fruit salad.  

Add Some Flare

To make your breakfast bar stand out, you can add small touches that make a big difference. And they can help you stay organized during the event. Check out these festive touches. 

  • You can add small labels to your breakfast bar. This not only adds a little visual interest but also keeps you from having to answer the constant question, “What’s in this?” It’s a great way to add a pop of color to match your theme or just your general home decor. 

  • No one knows all your guests like you do, so why not add some fun seating labels or drink labels? Drink labels will keep your guests from mixing up their beverages, and seating labels can help with traffic flow. There will be no need for awkward maneuvers while people try to pick a chair. 

  • A well-chosen centerpiece will always make your space stand out and draw the eye. Choose something that fits your theme but is also low enough it doesn’t block your guests’ sightlines. 

Muirwood Village offers you a breakfast bar that is not only extended but also accessible from both sides. This will help you host without feeling crowded. Some units even have vaulted ceilings for added airflow so it won’t get stuffy. That is only the beginning of our list of amenities, so if you’re ready to find your new apartment home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, give us a call at (614)-503-4076.

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