Indoor Fun for Rainy Days

Bringing Fun Inside

Spring and summer signal that it’s time to head outside, but what if a nasty thunderstorm or even a classic rainshower put a damper on your plans? There’s no reason to stress or cancel your day. If you live at Muirwood Village, our apartments for rent in Reynoldsburg offer spacious floor plans that give you plenty of room to stay in and still enjoy yourself. But what kinds of activities can you use to fill your day? Check out some ideas and let the fun begin!  

#1: TV or Movie Marathon

Let’s be honest, with all of the available streaming services out there, you often find more content to watch than you can consume. So look at your saved list of TV shows and spend the day falling in love with a new series. You can also have fun picking a theme and creating a movie marathon. You could go by genres, like rom-com or action and adventure, or you could pick a favorite actress or actor and watch their greatest hits. 

#2: Spa Day

Maybe your initial plan was to get out and go, go, go, but a rainy day can create the perfect opportunity to slow down and take it easy. This is your chance to really indulge in some “you” time and break out all that pampering stuff you buy but never seem to use. Grab the scented candles, that face mask you’ve been dying to try, a stellar body cream, or a homemade sugar scrub and unwind. If you have time, you can even put together a little charcuterie board or other snacks to enjoy while you relax. 

#3: Cozy Up With a Book

We have all been guilty of neglecting our “to read” pile, so a rainy day is a perfect reason to grab the book waiting on top and go for it. Find a comfy blanket, a cushy chair, and your favorite beverage to create the perfect reading nest. If reading isn’t exactly your thing, then pick your own favorite form of media. It could be comics, magazines, or even a deep internet dive into a topic you enjoy. This is your time, so make it work for you. 

#4: Try a New Recipe or Hobby

Take a visit to the nearest grocery store, hardware store, or craft store and grab the supplies to create something new. Maybe you’ve been dying to try making homemade sushi or build your own birdhouse or try your hand at crocheting. Think of something you never have the time to do and do it. You may discover something new that you love all because of a rainy day. 

#5: Declutter or Rearrange

A potential downside of being stuck inside may be that you’re tired of looking at that pile of laundry or you’re feeling a little bored with the decor. A rainy day is the perfect time to get out of that rut and make your space feel fresh again. Start with a solid declutter, including making piles to trash, donate, or keep. Then you can have some fun rearranging the furniture or mixing up your knickknacks, and before you know it, your apartment will look new again! 

Are you looking for a Reynoldsburg apartment for rent that is perfect for rainy days in or days out? Come visit Muirwood Village. We are in a prime location so you can make your way to nearby hotspots or even trek into Columbus for the day. But you can have just as much fun at home in one of our ample 1, 2, or 3-bedroom floor plans, including townhome layouts. Learn more when you call: (614) 868-8300

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