When and How to Deep Clean Your Apartment

Tidy and Timely

Cleaning is one of the most important but also most bothersome parts of having your own apartment home. If you struggle with keeping your space clean, then you may want to consider a deep cleaning rotation. It’s a simple checklist of things to do to prevent the clutter and dirt from sneaking up on you. Here’s one for you to use or use as inspiration! 

Weekly Cleaning

It may not sound super fun to set aside part of your time to clean every single week, but your apartment will thank you. Keeping a consistent cleaning routine will protect valuable assets and your sanity. In fact, WebMD created a slideshow detailing the ways clutter can impact health. To avoid that negativity, try these quick steps: 

  • Do a walkthrough of every part of your apartment to declutter

  • Wipe down surfaces in your home, including kitchen counters, bathroom counters, mirrors, and any other tables or surfaces that get a lot of use

  • Use a broom or small vacuum to clean the floors in your most high traffic areas (think anywhere that gets walked on frequently or sees a lot of crumbs/debris)

Cleaning for Every Week or Two

These are some items you could choose to add to your weekly list but may be better for every other week. Make it fit your general lifestyle. For example, if you frequently host, these may make sense to do every week. If your apartment doesn’t experience too much traffic, then you can afford to wait a little longer. 

  • Do a thorough dusting of almost everything, including tables, knickknacks, shelves, etc. 

  • Vacuum thoroughly in every room, including behind and under furniture pieces (a good time to use your vacuum wand and special attachments!)

  • Clean out your microwave 

A few pro tips! To get stubborn microwave gunk out, put two cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar into a microwave-safe container. “Cook” it for five minutes. This will soften up the food particles and make them much easier to wipe out. If you suffer from allergies, the pros at Merry Maids recommend dusting weekly with a microfiber cloth because it does a better job of holding onto the dust instead of pushing it around. Have severe allergies? Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic to keep your home allergy-friendly. 

Monthly Cleaning

To really take your cleaning to the next level, you’ll have to put in some elbow grease once a month or so. These more picky projects will really enhance your living space and protect what makes your home special. You don’t have to do all of these every month, but mix and match them to keep your space looking sharp:

  • Deep floor cleaning (sweep/vacuum, mop, scrub the baseboards and get in corners)

  • Clean out unused items from your closet to donate or sell

  • Clear out and wipe down the fridge (check for old condiments and get in those drawers!)

  • Cabinets (wipe off shelves, polish handles)

  • Majorly wipe down the kitchen sink (this may need to happen as part of your every-other-week list if your sink gets a lot of food build-up)

  • Give a thorough dusting to your lighting fixtures (consider removing the globes and bulbs for safety and to make it easier to clean properly)

When you live at Muirwood Village apartments, you’re getting some of the best apartment features in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. This means you already have a great space to start with, and every time you clean, you’ll bring out its rustic charm and unique features. To make one of these apartments your own, give us a call at (614)-503-4076.

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