Home Furnishings to Help You Organize

Inexpensive Solutions for Your New Apartment 

When you move into a new apartment, you have the opportunity to rethink and improve your home organization and storage. So before you unpack that first box here at Muirwood Village, take a look at these easy home storage tips. 

Get Modular Shelving

Inexpensive modular shelving can be configured in several ways, and you can always add onto it if you need to. Some types of modular shelving are compatible with fabric collapsible bins (sold separately), for storing smaller items out of view.

Use Furniture for Storage

A storage ottoman or bench has plenty of room for extra bed linens. Or if you have handmade quilts that are too pretty to store out of sight, you can drape them over the rungs of a small wooden ladder and lean it against your wall.

Get Bathroom Organizers

The space beneath bathroom sinks is often underused. Slim freestanding shelves placed on either side of the sink drainpipe can create enough room to store cleaning products vertically.

For shower organization, add a tension pole corner shelf unit to hold hair products, soap, shaving supplies, and more. 

Choose Clear Bins for Deep Storage

Don’t waste time digging through cardboard boxes – if you’re storing seldom-used items, like holiday decor or camping supplies, put them in clear plastic bins so you can easily see the contents. Plastic bins will also protect the contents from dust, moisture, and moths.

Those items that you use only occasionally can take up a lot of space. When you live at Muirwood Village, you could store them in your private garage – most apartments here have their own garages. 

Muirwood Village has a variety of floor plans, with optional amenities such as a patio, full-size washer and dryer, and vaulted ceilings. We also have townhomes, along with single-story buildings that have only first-floor apartments.

If you’re looking for your next apartment in Reynoldsburg, take a closer look at Muirwood Village. We now offer virtual tours – call us now for details! (614) 503-4076.

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