How to Find Some Winter Cheer

Don’t Let Gray Days Get You Down

The gloom of mid-winter can leave you longing for the bright, sunny days of spring and summer. Capture that warm, sunshiny feeling even when it’s cold and gray outside with a few simple tricks that’ll banish those winter blues. 

Add a Pop of Color

Nothing can bring a little cheer to a gray day quite like a bit of bright color. Change up the look of your apartment with new textiles in vivid shades. You can incorporate color in a number of ways, such as:

  • Vibrant throw pillows in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures

  • New rugs for your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway

  • Colorful bedding or throw blankets

  • Cheerful art to display

Thanks to Muirwood Village’s convenient location, you can easily get to Columbus to search for fun new decor.

Bring Some Life Inside

When the leaves are off the trees and green spaces seem like a distant memory, turn your apartment into an oasis with a little bit of nature. A vase with fresh flowers can bring a fresh energy to your apartment, and you should be able to find bouquets at most grocery stores. 

Want something a bit longer-lasting? Create a few small planters with hardy succulent plants. If you’re lacking a green thumb and worry you can’t properly care for a plant, modern artificial plants can look just like the real thing!

Make the Most of Light

Maximizing the amount of light you get is a proven mood booster, and there are several ways to do so:

  • Keep curtains or blinds open during daylight hours; even on cloudy days, it’ll help brighten your space. 

  • Consider switching out your lightbulbs for simulated daylight bulbs to mimic natural light. 

  • Use mirrors in strategic locations around your space to reflect light and brighten up areas without direct window access.

No matter the season, you’ll feel at home in Muirwood Village’s spacious apartments. With private entryways, lush grounds, and our proximity to Columbus, our pet-friendly apartment community is just what you’re looking for. Give us a call today to schedule your in-person or video tour: (614) 503-4076.

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