How to Host a Dinner Party in an Apartment

Apartment Hosting with Style

If you live in an apartment, you may think that a dinner party is beyond you. But that is not true! Apartments can make ideal hosting spaces because they keep things intimate and cozy. Still feeling stuck? Here are some ways to make your hosting experience fun and fabulous. 

Move It Around

One of the quickest and easiest ways to maximize your space is to consider moving around 

your existing furniture. Remember, it doesn’t have to stay that way after the party. Take some time to think about the important spaces you need to create: drinks, food, and seating. If it’s not serving one of those purposes, then maybe you can set it aside or move it to another room temporarily. 

Reduce, Reuse, Relax

One way to make your space look lighter and more open is to reduce the amount of “stuff” in it. Consider taking out some extra knickknacks to keep things clean and simple. After you move aside the excess, consider how you can reuse some of the furniture pieces that are still left. Coffee tables can turn into drink stations or poufs can turn into extra seating. To emphasize the coziness of the intimate space of an apartment, add lush textures like some soft blankets or throw pillows so guests can lounge and relax.

Think Thrifty

If you want to have more people than your current table and seating can handle, then it’s time to get creative. You can start with a simple folding table. If you think that sounds too boring or won’t fit with the rest of your decor, then there is an easy option to dress it up. You can add a tablecloth, or, if you want to be extra thrifty, then you can visit your local fabric store and find a fun fabric to drape over it. For extra seats, you can decide whether you want chairs you can use later or if maybe renting some chairs makes sense. If you want to change up your decorations, then some twinkle lights, candles, or fresh flowers can add interest without breaking the bank. 

Simple Food

You want to be able to enjoy your own dinner party and actually spend time with your guests. The best way to make that possible is to have a simple menu. A good place to start is with finger foods. There are plenty of elegant and popular options, like a mini Caprese salad or crispy wontons with a tasty filling. These are great because they can be made ahead of time and in large quantities. They also fit easily onto trays that you can keep on the kitchen counter or that you can space throughout the room. Another way to make food easily accessible without taking up too much space is with tray displays that are vertical so you can put out three platters that take up the counter space of one. 

Find the Flow

Before you finalize your setup, take the time to do a walkthrough. Can you get to every serving space easily? Can you fit behind a chair when someone’s sitting down if you need to? Do guests have somewhere to store things they bring, like coats and bags? This will help you tweak your layout before your guests find any gaps in your plan. You should also think about how quickly it will heat up once guests arrive and start mingling. Consider lowering the thermostat or cracking a window or two to keep the temperature comfortable. 

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