Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Seasonal Switches for Your Clothing

It may feel like summer is never-ending, but eventually, temperatures will come down and leaves will start to change colors. That means you’re going to need clothes to match the newest season. At Muirwood Village, our apartments for rent in Reynoldsburg, Ohio have the space you need to store your wardrobe. But what kind of clothing will help you switch from sweltering, sweaty days to the crisp days of fall? Here are some tips to switch it up! 

Love the Layers

If you don’t want to surrender your summer clothes just yet, then you’re in luck! When switching from summer to fall, the best idea is to get some basic pieces to use as layers. Some quick and easy choices are light jackets, blazers, jean jackets, leggings or tights, and light sweaters. These simple additions will tone down the “summery” nature of your clothes, even if you’re wearing shorts or a sleeveless top. 

It’s All About the Base

Once you have some layering pieces in mind, pick your base pieces wisely. Some go-to summer options are your favorite shirts or dresses. Before you go crazy and keep out all your summer tops or dresses, take a few things into consideration. You’ll have an easier time making your look on-point for fall if you pick: 

  • Solid colors or more muted patterns

  • Darker colors 

  • Things with texture (light knits, ruffles, etc.)

  • Footwear that’s close-toed 

Focus on Colors

One of the easiest ways to indicate season is with color. That means you can grab lots of things from your summer wardrobe and still use them in fall. The best colors to hold onto include: 

  • tan/beige/brown

  • Shades of green

  • navy/dark blues

  • Deep purples

  • Deep reds/maroon

  • Burnt orange

  • Golden yellows

  • Anything denim (it’s a neutral)

Look at Your Feet

Another quick way to indicate season is with your footwear. Put away the sandals and woven things and instead break out anything close-toed or the right color. Grab things like:

  • Boots/booties

  • Loafers/flats 

  • Close-toed shoes in fall colors

Keep Things Organized

Switching seasons is a whole lot easier when you have your next season of clothes ready to go. Organize your clothes into bins and label them with the appropriate season. If you want to go the extra mile, you can label things “early fall” and “late fall” so you can quickly access the clothes that will help you transition from one season to the next. 

Are you looking for the right apartment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio? Take a look at Muirwood Village. We offer an ideal location for exploring local hotspots and are an easy drive to the heart of Columbus. We also have excellent amenities like walk-in closets so you have all the storage you need to smoothly switch seasons. Give us a call to schedule a tour and learn more! (614)-503-4076.

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